Project Plans

These plans are provided as a convenience to you for bidding purposes only. 

 Saunders Construction Inc. and the respective architects are not responsible for any errors or omissions that result from the printing or use of these drawings. 

 Please check back before the bid for any addenda that may come out, and always check the page size/scale of the drawings.

Bluffdale 6 Deer Mountain Roof Replacement

bids needed by noon on Wednesday February 27th.

Freeport Bldg. F3 Window Replacement

bids needed by noon on Tuesday February 19th.  There are 2 alternates needed.  

Addendum and alternate info also available on Bid Sync. 

Note 4 addendas, (elevation changes, walk through date change, and two bid date changes)

Warren, West Warren Seismic Reroof & HVAC

bids needed by 12 noon on Wednesday, January 16th.  

Spencer Saunders house

bids due Wednesday October 31st @ 12 noon

3981 N. Thurston Drive, Peterson, Utah 84050